Pop-up art – transforming an unused space into an artists’ stage

Standing at an open window I’m entranced for a moment by the warm rays of sun dappling through the time-worn room. I’m surrounded by the white walls of a gallery space on Basel’s ancient Riehentorstrasse – now home to the first Pop-Up Gallery for the art agency Front of Bicycle – and I’m fortunate enough to be having … Read more

Brexit: The Brits will need a whole new mindset if they wish to adopt the Swiss model

Those clever Swiss have been at it again! Today, August 1st marks Swiss National Day and this year there is much to celebrate. From the engineering triumph of the new Gotthard Base Tunnel providing a high-speed rail link under the Swiss Alps – to the pioneering achievements of the Solar Impulse round-the-world flight. More great accomplishments to celebrate this Birthday, whetting the appetite … Read more

Off-piste dangers and rewards : changing the mindset of a new generation of skiers

Earlier this year, I was getting off a packed ski lift in the French resort of Tignes when I had one of those moments when I accepted that what had once appealed to me in downhill skiing was perhaps now not so. I‘d been wearing a helmet-mounted GoPro camera which had become lodged in the restraining … Read more