Pop-up art – transforming an unused space into an artists’ stage

Standing at an open window I’m entranced for a moment by the warm rays of sun dappling through the time-worn room. I’m surrounded by the white walls of a gallery space on Basel’s ancient Riehentorstrasse – now home to the first Pop-Up Gallery for the art agency Front of Bicycle – and I’m fortunate enough to be having … Read more

Exhibiting a lifetime’s work: one man’s search for a fitting space to bring his art together

The artwork of Claude Le Roy is described as “like a graphic improvisation, unbridled and meticulously painted or coloured with details like an illuminator” (Art Historian Laurent Danchin). His giant canvases with their intricate imaginary calligraphy reveal his memories of growing up in Algeria. Painting the colourful symbols comes naturally to him he told me, just as … Read more

Denied the right to vote: the stories behind Basel’s provocative posters invading space and minds

“I would have more kitchens in the streets – outdoor kitchens and cooking – people could cook and eat together, get to know each other, learn things.” This is just one of a wide range of answers given to the question “What would you change about life in Basel?”  The same group of people who were also … Read more