Newsnight Scotland

Below are links to some of the films I made for Newsnight Scotland on BBC Two.

Global financial crisis and the Scottish economy

Scotland’s real inflation rate | TX 12 August 2008

In Scotland incomes are lower than the UK average yet we spend more on fuel. So could inflation bite harder here? Gillian investigates.

Eye of the financial storm | TX 15 October 2008

Gillian examines whether more ordinary people are likely to be badly affected by the global financial crisis.

Home scheme ‘may not be working’ | TX 29 October 2008

Gillian reports on how well the mortgage-to-rent scheme is working.

Money flow plea to help economy | TX 11 November 2008

With the prospect of increased unemployment, Gillian asks what will need to be done to kick start the economy.

Recession ‘could hit’ arts funding | TX 13 November 2008

During the good times hedge fund billionaires were happy to splash their cash on the arts, but in economic hard times will that sponsorship dry up? Gillian asks in a time of recession, is culture a luxury which cannot be afforded.

Business and leisure

Golf resort given go-ahead | TX 3 November 2008

Billionaire Donald Trump is given permission to build a controversial golf course in Aberdeenshire.


Apology over C.diff outbreak | TX 7 August 2008

Health officials have apologised to patients and families affected by the worst outbreak of Clostridium difficile in Scotland.


Scott straight on campaign trail | TX 28 August 2008

Gillian covers Tavish Scott MSP’s first day as leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

By-election’s final campaign day | TX 6 November 2008

All eight candidates in the Glenrothes by-election and Labour heavyweight John Prescott hit the campaign trail.